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network Setting ...

For your convinence, please help yourself to find your network setting for your mobile phone in the following:

Master Reset

The default security code is 12345 or 00000. A master reset will only reset options you can choose to the factory default. A master clear will remove all downloads and reset the options to default.

Test Commands

Read Phone Code: 32*116*1*0*0 Read Security Code: 32*118*1*0*0
Factory Reset, Phone Code OFF: 18*0 Master Reset: 18*1
Full Phone Reset: 54*18*1 Select 900 / 1800:: 10*0*6
Model: 32*279*1*8 Flex Version: 32*383*1*0*0

Internet Setting for Cingular:

Profile Name: Cingular DNS Server: BLANK
GPRS Setting:: ---

CSD Server:

APN: wap.cingular Dial in number: NONE
Password:: CINGULAR1 (ALL UPPDERCASE) User Name: ---
Time Out: Off Password: ---
Primary Gateway IP: Baud Rate: Auto
Port: 9201 Line Type: ISDN
Secondary Gateway IP: Time Out: Off
Port: 0 DNS Server: ---

Then go to your browser and enter the following setting:

Profile Name: Media Net Homepage: device.home
Network Link: Cingular    
MMS Setting:
Profile Name: MMS over HTTP Max. Sending Size: 30K
MMSC: (NO SPACES) Network Profile: Cingular

Internet Setting for T-Mobile:

Primary IP Address: Home Page:
Secondary IP Address: ---

Picture Messaging Setting

Access Point Name (APN) Multi-Media Service Center (MMSC) Address:
Data Bearer: GPRS Validity Period: 72 hours
Profile Name: GPRS Hide ID Option (If option exists): Set to OFF, NO, or DISABLED
Username: ---    
Password: ---    

Internet Setting for FIDO:

Profile Name: FidoWAP DNS Server: UNCHECKED
GPRS Setting: ---

CSD Setting:

APN: Dial in Number: ---
Usernamer: fido Query at Logon: UNCHECKED
Password: fido Username: ---
Tiimeout: 15 minutes Password: ---
Primary Gateway IP: Baud Rate: AUTO
Port: 8080 Line Type: Modern
Secondary Gateway IP: --- Timeout: OFF
Port: --- DNS Server: UNCHECKED

Then press SAVE.

To get MMS working (what I haven't included are the blanks and all boxes should be unchecked unless specified) Setup > Data Network

Profile Name: Fido MMS Primary Gateway IP:
APN: Port: 8080
Username: fido Baud Rate: AUTO
Password: fido Line Type: Modern
Timeout: 15 minutes Timeoff: OFF

Then click SAVE.

Then, Messages > Service Setup > Multimedia Message

Default Profile: FidoMMS (all other settings are to your preference)
Tap the box beside Default Profile and ensure that FidoMMS is the default profile.

Setting for MMS profile goes

Profile Name: FidoMMS Max Sending Size: (Your Preference)
MMSC: Network Profile: Fido MMS

Internet Setting for Rogers:

Proxy Name: Rogers MMS Access Point Name:: Roers MMS
Proxy Address:

Access Point: Roger MMS Authentication Type: PAP
Home: (Set whatever page you like here) User Name: media
Port Number: 8080 Password: mda01
Authentication Type: HTTP-BASIC DNS: <>
Username: media Linger TIme 180
Password: mda01    

MMS Accounts (Main Menu > Messaging > Messaging > MMS Settings)

Profile Name: Rogers MMS Relay Server URL:
Proxy: Rogers MMS    
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